3 Reasons to Choose “Her Over Everything” – Werk, Pray, Slay Weekend Recap

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Celebrating the 5th annual Werk, Pray, Slay weekend conference, this year’s theme: Her Over Everything, empowered women to put their growth, stability, and vision over everything to walk and serve in their purpose of being the women they are called to be.

I’ve been able to attend two of the Werk, Pray, Slay weekend conferences, and I have to tell you I HIGHLY recommend every business minded woman to attend. If you’re looking to connect and network with genuine women interested in putting in the work as much as they are interested in reaping those benefits of said work.


After giving her keynote, 7 lessons on why women need to choose themselves and dedicate their lives to their dreams, I spoke with Koereyelle, about the three mind shifts she wanted attendees to have after the weekend experience.

Your sanity should be your priority

Stress causes 90% of all diseases and illnesses and your life is worth so much more than sleepless nights and unhappy days. One thing I encourage all women to do is take an inventory of their life. Really get real with yourself about what’s adding value, what’s taking away, what’s making you miserable and what has to go. Anything that isn’t helping is harming and it’s up to you to make yourself and your sanity your priority.

You’ll never get ahead by watching what everyone else is doing

Instead of scrolling the gram watching and wondering what everyone else is working on, spend time getting clear about your own intentions. The more time you waste watching everyone else, the less time you have to dedicate to your own dreams. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is basing your decisions on what works (or doesn’t) for someone else. And as I always like to say “The idea God gave you will always work out better than the one the Gram gave you.”

Security doesn’t exist

Don’t believe the hype! Although entrepreneurship might not be for everyone, multiple streams of income is. I encourage everyone to spend time figuring out how to turn their skill set into a service or create a product based on their passion. A little side hustle and extra income could relieve a whole lot of stress and help you create your own sense of security.
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