V. Taybron’s online bakery became a light in her dark times

V. Taybron, Baker

Photo Courtesy: V. Taybron


Season 2 of #AskLo Podcast has arrived and I’m kicking it off with a sit down with the domestic queen herself, V. Taybron of Savor V. Holding to her brand message of made from scratch and produced with love, V. shares insight with our listeners on the light her online bakery created in dark times, literally.

“I’ve been here [in Atlanta] since 2003 and I created my business on accident. I was flat broke, lights turned off, had a job but my account was $500 in the negative. I didn’t know what to do with myself. My car was days from repossession and I was just like I’m going to call a friend… luckily I still had phone service because I was on that good family plan with my parents and they didn’t cut off the phone, yet. I was sitting in the living room reading books by candlelight and something told me to bake. I swear, it was kind of creepy. I felt like it was this voice that popped in my head like BAKE. And I’m like Huh? Bake?! I went to school for psychology.  I called my friend and I used her kitchen as well as her kitchen ingredients and I baked snickerdoodle cookies. I took my last $10 went to Walmart to get those little clear cooking bags and those address labels that you’re supposed to put on envelopes and I wrote my cell phone number and got on the streets. I literally trapped cookies in the streets. I went to barbershops, hair salons, grocery store parking lots and before I knew it, I had $200,” Says Taybron. 

After growing her online bakery, she has now branched out with her newest venture, Savor Vniversity. The program will teach bakers how to grow from a hobby to a thriving empire; perfect for bakers, and food bloggers.

“The common denominator for [Savor Vniversity participants] has to be food. You have to have an interest in the food business, whether you are cooking it, eating it, or sharing it in photography.” says Taybron. “I will teach you about having proper insurance, building email lists, creating conversations and doing videos for your business. If you’re a food critic and you want to go eat at restaurants for free, I’ll teach you how to properly pitch to the owner/manager of the restaurant and show you how to actually do that and blog about the experience.”

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