Twenty-eight things I intend to accomplish at 28 (Bucket List)

It’s one week away from my 28th year on earth. (November 25th, if you weren’t aware) It’s bizarre, because I can recall the days of my youth like it’s yesterday. Of the many successful women that I’ve interviewed at 27, one thing that remained clear were their positive and focused intentions over their minutes, hours, days, and life that they set. Nothing is truly “real” until you get it out of your mind, on paper, see it, touch it, read it; etc.

In previous years, I had an internal bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish, but this year, like everything else in my life: I want to set the intention over it.

Here are 28 things I intend to accomplish or do at age 28:

  1. Get Letter’s to Heaven published by a major publishing company

  2. Travel to & Enjoy Amsterdam for at least 3 days (one day wasn’t enough in 2011)

  3. Focus more on being present to better manage my anxiety

  4. Double my emergency savings

  5. Make $20k more than last year

  6. Discover, Develop & Execute a passion project to it’s completion

  7. Be a better communicator

  8. Share the story of God’s grace on my life with others

  9. Be more sociable

  10. Be more financially responsible

  11. Pay down my debt

  12. Start my Master’s Program

  13. Write a thriller novel

  14. Create a consistent E-commerce site

  15. Consistently exercise

  16. Continue to go to Psycho-therapy

  17. Keep in touch better with my siblings

  18. Travel to at least 4 new places in the US

  19. Participate in 3 pop-up vending shops as a vendor

  20. Grow deeper in my faith and trust in God for all my heart’s desires

  21. Continue to Grow as a woman

  22. Honor my journey of growth and never forget where I came from

  23. Expand my food palate

  24. Develop better patience for doing things I enjoy

  25. Read 65 books

  26. Cut back on fried foods to one day a week.

  27. Reciprocate the love given to me, back to others

  28. Create more opportunity for myself and my family


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