Studies Suggest that it’s harder to lie, rather than live an honest life

No Seriously, can being honest come back into style already?

Call it frustration but being a mere 5 days away from my 27th birthday, I wasn’t expecting to learn that there are people who are still not living their best life.

How could you possibly feel comfortable living a double life where who you are in public isn’t who you are at home and vice versa? I would much rather be honest on all fronts and allow people to decide that way if they would like to be involved with me. Honesty is an expensive thing, and it’s true you get what you pay for. People who take the cheap route in everything in life just further prove how uninterested in excellence they are.

I once knew a man, whose entire existence was a lie. His name was real but his age, his education, his work ethic, his background, everything was a lie. How could one possibly lie that much and still hold on to who they truly were?

It’s impossible.

If I have to pretend to be anything longer than a minute I personally feel betrayed. As someone who isn’t an actor, nor paid to lie, why would I want to be anything other than myself?

This should hold true for everything in life. Why would you want to pretend that you’re happy or fulfilled by something that doesn’t suit you or grow you?

After a while the faking should become too heavy, and the real you should be screaming to be released. Do yourself a favor and be yourself.

No one or nothing in this world worth having, is worthy of withholding who you truly are at your core and the happiness your identity brings you.

If I could challenge myself, and challenge others.. It would be to be expensive in your delivery, your presentation and everything that encompasses you. Brilliance isn’t easy and achieving it isn’t for the faint. Stick to your guns and never settle for less than you deserve in all aspects of your life.


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