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Here’s why I stopped taking phone calls for a year

People are annoying.

Trust me, there’s no other way to put it besides being straight to the point and blunt.

After a year of finding myself continuously frustrated, miscommunicated to, paying too much for a phone bill, I decided to stop taking phone calls.

I know what you’re thinking.. Texting only can be childish as hell, but it has it’s perks.

The first reaction many had to me not answering calls was that I was running from bill collectors or hiding something. While I would love to never pay any bills on time and pocket all my money for myself, that wasn’t the case.

What many failed to realize is that communicating with others was becoming emotionally toxic for me. Left and right calls would come through with content requests, friends asking to borrow money, people asking me to do free services for them. It all became frustrating and more than anything dangerous to my mental health as I could feel myself retreating into a rabbit hole and refusing any kind of communication.

I had to act fast, so I contacted my phone company and disabled incoming calls.

The first week going dark was amazing. My friends were under the impression that my phone was disconnected for non-payment, and they all began comfortable “texting me when I had wifi”. It DRASTICALLY changed why people reached out to me and helped me create a HUGE barrier. I went from the first dialed number when someone is in trouble to the text as a final resort person. It felt amazing to feel the pressure of other peoples’ problems be lifted off my shoulders as I quickly forgot day by day the things I had gotten so used to routinely consuming and processing.

After a few short weeks, I re-enabled my incoming calls and it was as if the block was still there. It was sheer bliss. No interruptions during my tv binging, no random calls from men I wasn’t interested in.. It was as if my world of communications went dim and everything was manageable.

I enjoyed the time that I had to myself, only being at the beck of who I decided to dial out and call. It allowed me time to truly focus on myself, my needs, stressors, and wants. But most importantly, it taught me about creating and upholding strong healthy, boundaries.

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