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SOUL KISSES, a short story.

I think I fell in love, overnight.

But first let me back up. I first met Kevin* in December 2016. We brushed passed each other in a club, exchanged numbers and started texting from there.

When I first started talking to Kevin, we both were passive and nonchalant. Him being a busy, public figure and my random freelance schedule — It took us another month to meet up again.

In true get to know one another fashion, Kevin and I texted, flirted and Facetimed. Personally, I was on a radical religious fast + new walk of faith, so I knew meeting him while doing so, I wouldn’t have much self-control. But see the thing is, the more time we didn’t see one another, the more I wanted him– and our feelings grew for one another.

When we Facetimed, we talked about our upbringing, dreams and aspirations and responsibilities in life that kept us driven in overdrive. I had never gotten so raw with someone so early, to the point where I detailed my darkest insecurities, previous suicide attempts and so much more. It was like I had just opened up the door to my darkest tunnels & gave him access.. but I couldn’t wrap my mind around why it was so easy for me to do that. There had been plenty of people before that I had never gotten this deep with, so I was truly at a loss of what it was.

When we finally met again it was like a positive & negative magnet. We just clicked.

That night, my homegirl and I decided we wanted to go on a night-ride. You know where you have nothing to do but you don’t feel like being in the house? Yeah, one of those.

We hit up all the guys we had in our phone and told the one’s who responded that we were pulling up. For me, I only had one. Kevin*.

As we coordinated the meet-ups, I waited anxiously as we did 3 stops. As we left the third stop, I caught myself blabbering on and on about how excited I was to see him. What the fuck was wrong with me and why the HELL was I so damn chatty? I sat back in the front seat, hit the blunt and let the wind from the moonroof blow into my face.

Calm down Lo, you geekin’, I thought to myself.

I could feel my hands grow clammy as I thought, “What if he thinks I’m not the kind of chick he likes?” Hell.. I’m fun but not as fun in person as I am in the privacy of my own home.

We pulled up, and I looked through the windshield to see him standing, waiting at the front door like a kid waiting for Daddy’s pick up for an outing. He stood there with his pearly white smile, protruding as his long thick beard shaped his round face.

She put the car in park, and I instantly felt my heart sink to my stomach.

I eagerly climbed out of the car and walked towards him as I could hear his thick Chicago accent greet me.

“What’s up shorty? Took you long enough to get here.. bring your fine ass over here.”

I felt the butterflies grow louder in my stomach as I started smiling from ear to ear. We embraced for a second and I felt his beard brush across my cheek.

I breathed out as I felt a tingle shoot through my body.. Hmm, I thought to myself. This man. 

“Are you high?!” he asked as he started chuckling.

“No!” I said giggling. “I mean yeah, I’m high but I’m just hella happy to see you. ”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him again for another hug. He squeezed me tight as he leaned in to kiss my neck. I turned my head to the side as my eyes rolled behind my head and I let out a deep sigh.

As we embraced, I felt a sense of ease and calm overcome me. As I sunk into his arms, I could feel my body ease and melt into him. I felt a sense of home, as we both pulled back and locked eyes.

I stared at him and smiled, as he stared at me. We leaned in together and our lips met each others. He pulled me tighter as he kissed me gently, and I felt his arms fall to the small of my back, as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

As our lips connected, I felt as if my whole being was sparked by his. It was if time stopped as we connected with each other, and the cravings I previously had of him, were soon to be satisfied. In this moment, nothing mattered but him and I.

“Damn girl, did you feel that?!” he asked as he pulled back from the kiss.

“Yeah, I did,” I said hesitantly, as I looked down at the floor. “I think my heart just locked with yours.”


 To Be Continued… 

*Name changed for privacy


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