New to practicing self-care? Here are 3 ways to begin incorporating it today

SELF– Care selfish time spent with yourself spending money you DON’T have to make yourself feel less shitty than you already do. 

A lot of people have self-care all wrong. Many feel it’s something they can’t afford and they walk around day in & day out burning themselves out.

To dispel the myth that Self-Care is expensive, for people with time, and other incorrect views; I’m going to share with you what it is and how YOU can do it and start reaping the benefits sooner rather than later.

For some of us, we work multiple jobs + a hustle and take care of children, family, a husband or our homes. It may be difficult to carve a lot of time out of busy schedules to spend time with self but with some of these self-care activities it will be easier than ever to feel 100% again.

I practice self-care to keep myself feeling like my best self. I like to take at least one day every two weeks (but typically I incorporate self-care daily). As the weight of the world and daily responsibilities weigh down on me, it is more important to me than anything to make sure I take time for myself, to get my thoughts out of my head, and any negative energy off of me.

Take a Lush Bath

Known for their bath bombs, Lush products are a MUST have for a self-care day or night. I like to pick a week where I have the most responsibility and carve out an hour of my time IMMEDIATELY after work but before dinner, in order to drop half of a bath bomb in the tub and soak and relax with music for AT LEAST 30 minutes.

During this time you should be phoneless, and alone with just you, racing thoughts, feeling overwhelmed and all. Take this time to fully acknowledge all of the thoughts that come to mind, but also keep in mind that water acts as a soothing agent that allows free flowing ideas.

Take a Nude Day

I am in love with being naked. I’ve entered a stage in life where wearing clothes is just TOO MUCH for me. SO I DON’T WEAR CLOTHES IF I DON’T HAVE TO! For some, this isn’t something they practice but I do think EVERYONE can benefit from one day a week being completely nude even if it’s just for an hour after your nighttime shower.


Do you know what it’s like to disconnect from the internet & really all external influences and communications for a week? Whether trying one day or 7 days, you HAVE to give it a try. Pick a low-key week and slowly remove yourself from social media, text messages, group chats, emails and any other form of communication that induces stress. You will find that the ease of no longer feeling the demand of others will restore your peace.

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