Millennial Photographer and Wellness advocate, Deion Stewart talks creative entrepreneurship

Millennial Creatives often find themselves trapped in opportunities for “typical” careers to blend in with the perfect societal view. For a small portion of creatives, that’s not an option. While working in corporate America and side hustlin’ their skills, a small portion of creatives are changing the modern views of entrepreneurship.

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Deion Stewart (bka Deion Delgado) is a wellness advocate and photographer based out of Cincinnati, OH and Chicago. Majoring in Creative Writing at The University of Cincinnati, he’s inspired by the work being done by young entrepreneurs.
The current climate of millennial entrepreneurship depends greatly on the culture within the cities.
“My Mantra has always been ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’,” says Stewart. “There should be more collaborations with young artists and less ego!”
With ego comes the constant battle of feeling like enough, and having confidence in your abilities and truly allowing yourself to grown in them.
“Being able to look back from the first photo I ever took as a photographer at my first shoot, comparing to my latest is a major accomplishment for me,” says Stewart. “I can see the growth in my work, while still building my business and balancing a 9-5.”
So, what do Millennials dislike about being an adult? With the newness of “regular” living, and the day-to-day responsibilities, many stumble in the transition from young adult to adult.

Photo Courtesy Delgado Digitals

“The beauty and the blemish about being an adult (a single, adult, with no kids) is making my own decisions,” says Stewart.
With the importance of mental health when striving for stability it’s important to have that motivation to “push-through”.
 “My friends/like minded-individuals and self-reflection are my major keys to pushing through,” says Stewart. “We all have bad days and I’m blessed to have a support system in times of need.”
Sometimes, advice from your elders or moral compasses can truly help when you’ve reached a fork in the road of your business.
“You can play now and pay later; or you can pay now and play later! said by my father. It’s hard being young and watching friends out and about at the latest bars or club while I’m home drafting up contracts, editing photos and/or resting from a long day at work. It brings out the difficulties of trying to balance it all. But my father was pretty much telling me invest in your future today and live carefree tomorrow!”

Photo Courtesy of Delgado Digitals

5 Fun Facts


Dryland or the ocean?

“under the sea, under the sea…darling it’s better down where it’s wetter take it from me!”

What’s your favorite movie?

Devil Wears Prada

—-it’s a hilarious yet terrifying movie about the horrors of ambition! All young entrepreneurs, that I know, fear success at the price of loneliness like the character Miranda Presley (played by Meryl Streep) and are familiar with having to put the foot work and back bending struggle of Anne Hathaway’s character, Andrea, to sit at the top of the throne with integrity.
If you were on a reality show, what would be your tagline?
….you know what “I ain’t got time for this, BYE!” Lol
Top 3 Travel Destinations?
Paris, Tokyo and Road trip California.
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