Michaela Coel talks confidence and inspiration in television writing

Michaela Coel is hilarious. 

She’s the prodigy behind the Netflix hit series, Chewing Gum.

She’s also a British Poet.

Singer, Songwriter.


Award-winning Actress. 

& a millennial.

Michaela Coel / Image via Complex

The 29-year-old, Ghanaian-British actress, began her career in writing performing poetry at open mics around areas in London. After starting as a devout, evangelical Christian, she shared that her religion contributed to the confidence that she had in her craft.

After performing a poem at a pub she was encouraged to continue her writing and debut her work in other places, as explained in the Broadly interview.

While she connects with her character in the hit series, Chewing Gum, we are inspired by her efforts to remain “Untainted by anything negative.”

The hit show was inspired by her original play, Chewing Gum Dreams, that she wrote and performed in performing arts school.

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