Let’s talk The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) NYC

I’ve always wanted to visit the MoMA, but last year it became more real to me when I saw my best friend enjoying it in NYC without me. I was shocked! Hurt! Damaged! How dare he visit such a monumental art museum without me?! For me it meant war, and I made it my business to be in NYC as soon as I could!

So here I am, in NYC for the week and I just had to come see.

I was most excited to see Picasso’s and Mark Leckey pieces, so it didn’t disappoint.

A few things I’m obsessed with:

Outdoor Courtyard

There was a beautiful courtyard at the bottom entrance that in the warmer months has a picture perfect pond. Also out there were sculptures shaped like plants and this oversized rose.

“Perfect Lighting”

I was told, this exhibit is supposed to give you perfect lighting for selfies.. I don’t know how much I believe of that, but It did give me some bomb ass lighting for my selfie!

Post Modern Art Techniques

A lot of the pieces were mixed media or their interpretations were laced with reference of past, current, and future civil rights issues.


How Much?

It’s $25 per person for adults, definitely a discount for students and military & after 4 on Friday it was free! But you know where you say free, people will flock and it was CROWDED.


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