ART IS MY MUSE,For The Love of the Weekend

Let’s talk The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) NYC

I’ve always wanted to visit the MoMA, but last year it became more real to me when I saw my best friend enjoying it in NYC without me. I was shocked! Hurt! Damaged! How dare he visit such a monumental art museum without me?! For me it meant war, and I made it my business to be in NYC as soon as I could!

So here I am, in NYC for the week and I just had to come see.

I was most excited to see Picasso’s and Mark Leckey pieces, so it didn’t disappoint.

A few things I’m obsessed with:

Outdoor Courtyard

There was a beautiful courtyard at the bottom entrance that in the warmer months has a picture perfect pond. Also out there were sculptures shaped like plants and this oversized rose.

“Perfect Lighting”

I was told, this exhibit is supposed to give you perfect lighting for selfies.. I don’t know how much I believe of that, but It did give me some bomb ass lighting for my selfie!

Post Modern Art Techniques

A lot of the pieces were mixed media or their interpretations were laced with reference of past, current, and future civil rights issues.


How Much?

It’s $25 per person for adults, definitely a discount for students and military & after 4 on Friday it was free! But you know where you say free, people will flock and it was CROWDED.


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