Leave that shit behind, 2016! 4 Goals for a successful 2017

Let’s. Rejoice! We made it to 2017!

Is it just me or did anyone else start to feel like death was going to sweep them away in 2016? Seriously, seemed like God swept the most unexpected people right up out of here. Maybe I sort of feel like we were all left here, and all the other people get to go? IDK, let me not get weird here!

For Starters, I just want to say that now that 2016 is over, we can all go into pretending like our lives are perfect and nothing can stop us. Isn’t that the sole purpose of new year, new me anyway?

Well for me, it’s new year, refined me.

I’ve got 4 Goals for 2017 because resolutions are just something I can’t take serious with myself.

Be Intentional With EVERYTHING

I spent a majority, if not ALL of last year hopping from project to project with no real clarity or purpose to it. While everything I started and worked on was synonymous with my brand, a lot of experiences I had I didn’t take advantage of, and if I did – I played softball when it was the major leagues.

My biggest defining moment last year was the first death I experienced of the year. It seemed like after that people started dropping around me left and right. Instead of dropping to my knees and thanking God for opening my eyes, I started binging on marijuana to escape the reality that was my life.

While the binge deemed itself fruitful (Reckd’t: Weed Dreams and Trap Adventures will be available for pre-order this month) it wasn’t healthy because my motivation DROPPED, my weight INCREASED, and I slept ALL THE TIME. How can I take over the world if I’m high and sleep? Let’s not act like I didn’t enjoy it– because I have a lot of hilarious snaps, and podcasts, and other things that came from it, but I wasn’t my best self.

I intend to be intentional about the people I keep around me, my dating life, my brand and my business. Everything that comes to fruition this year is a direct result of my intention.

Be Consistent with Content Creation

Listen, argue with ya mama about how often I post. In between freelancing and trying to get a bae, and satisfying my clients, my blog content sometimes takes a hit. The only promise I’m willing to make is that I will give you a blog post once a week. THAT’S IT! FIGHT ME!

Start Graduate School

This one took a bit for me to decide on. While I think graduate degrees in journalism are ridiculous due to the constant evolving state of journalism and digital media, my heart will always live in the classic form of writing. Some of my favorite authors (let’s face it Joan Didion is AMAZING and I will take a MILLION course to be able to develop my writing skills to be just like hers) have the classic writing styles. Plot twists, turns, etc. and in order to make a literary masterpiece, you have to study to write like one. So this year, I will start my journey towards a MFA in Writing.

Secure public appearances and speaking engagements

In 2016, I did a grand total of 2 speaking engagements. You have to start somewhere, right?! WELL, this year I am shooting for 5. With the pending completion of “Letters to Heaven” with a release date of May 9, 2017 — the real work is about to begin. I want to make sure that my brand message remains clear and that my impact and legacy remains positive.

Have some tips on where I should apply to speak? Shoot me a message!

What are your goals for 2017?! Need help reaching them? Contact me on Facebook!

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  • Reply
    Stella Nova
    January 16, 2017 at 5:39 am

    Very interesting content… good luck w/ all…

    • Reply
      Alicia Renee
      January 18, 2017 at 1:38 pm

      Thank you Stella!!! What are your goals this year? && Thanks for reading!

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