Jhene Aiko depicts search of grief healing perfectly in “Trip” Short Film for latest album

Jhene reeeally did her thing with this album, Trip. There were so many grief moments I could feel in my soul as the movie went along. The most gut wrenching one? When she tells her brother she’s afraid to let him go because she’s afraid she’ll forget him.
I feel the exact same way about my mother & brother who I lost, but I also realized that they couldn’t truly rest in peace if their loved ones couldn’t fully move forward in their grief.
I can remember the first time I “forgot” that my mom had passed away. I freaked out. I cried. I felt SO TERRIBLE.. because how could I “forget” the woman who carried me for 9 months and gave me life in this world? But at the same time I had to understand that it wasn’t forgetting, it was moving on. I was no longer STUCK in the miserable feeling of sadness and I was engulfed in happiness, and fulfillment. I had to remind myself that this happiness was EXACTLY what both of them would have wanted for each of us. Not to sit idle and cry and continue to be stuck in our grief.
It was a long journey.. but works like this one, truly remind me of the difficulty in the journey and the light on the other side.
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