You’ve never met me, and that’s fine. I hadn’t met me either. But now that I know who I am, let me introduce myself.

I’m Alicia Renee.

My friends call me Lo, hence Lo In The City.

I was born in the projects and later moved up to the lower middle-class suburbs, where I discovered life was a bit bigger than the streets. Raised by a single mother who battled colon cancer, I learned the importance of strength and responsibility, quickly.

I’m Unapologetically me.

I struggled with my mental health for years prior to my Bipolar disorder diagnosis in 2005. Shortly after, my life changed and I’ve grown into the fearless, bold, rebel who I am today.

I’m known as the girl who plots, plans and leaps.

A year after my mother’s untimely passing, I vowed to be the first in my family to leave the country and travel the world. In 3 months, I travelled to 13+ countries, while maintaining full-time student status, and I went on to be the first in the family to gain a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and American Studies from Miami University. Two years later, I hustled and saved over $8k in 7 months & packed my life up to move 400+ miles from my “comfort zone”. Nothing can stop me from exploring life on the other side of the fence. So here I am, taking Atlanta by storm, showing others like yourself how to live and explore the best life they deserve.

My Life Motto? 

Trust your vision + love your life. How much longer will you live a life based on someone else’s terms?