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How growth and flexibility can ultimately land you on the pursuit of your passion

For many millennials choosing the most suitable occupation is difficult. In a time where job opportunities are highly competitive, and the compensation low, the motivation for job seekers can be low.

For DeAndre Pitts, that didn’t stop him from ultimately being recruited into a field where he could excel, but also have flexibility to continue the pursuit of his passions.

“I’m originally from Lincoln Heights, Ohio however, I live in Ashland, Kentucky where I work as a pharmaceutical sales rep for Eli Lilly,” said Pitts.

After networking with a manager working at Eli Lilly at his local church, his brother was recruited as a rep and ultimately he was shortly recruited to begin his career.

“I graduated from Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY with a degree in exercise science, so the transition wasn’t a difficult one,” said Pitts.

Photo Courtesy: DeAndre R. Pitts

“While attending Georgetown College, I participated in the football program as well as track and field, so it is also something important to me.” continued Pitts.

After translating his exercise science degree and applying the many studies of the human anatomy and systems, it has allowed him to excel as a Diabetes medication sales rep and track and field coach at Georgetown College.

Photo courtesy: DeAndre Pitts

“Having a college level degree has both helped me understand how the diabetic drugs operate in the human body in order to make sound sales recommendations in my territory, but also physically strengthening and conditioning my athletes,” said Pitts.

For many career millennials, it’s difficult for them to marry their passions with their current day-to-day activities and responsibilities, however, for Pitts he has recognized how to take full advantage of both opportunities for professional fulfillment.

Photo Courtesy: DeAndre R. Pitts

Both of my jobs allow me to help people in regards to their health, and my passion for coaching and sharing my knowledge of a sport I was gifted enough to compete in. I was still an athlete at the time I reached out and I knew my coaches experience (a past olympian) was knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else,” said Pitts. “I was able to take the information back to my hometown of Lincoln Heights in order to share that knowledge of becoming an athlete, and gathering resources, and I was very motivated by the opportunity to give back to my community.”

The Depth

Alicia: What are three things/people that inspire you?

DeAndre: I’m inspired by my mother, my mentor (Steve McCollom) and my father.

Alicia: Do you have a mantra?

DeAndre: Every day of my life, I always say “it is what it is” and that things in life are what they are and the things in my life — I have to accept it to do what I need to do, to get where I need to be. If you never accept things for what they are you never learn to overcome adversity. Everything doesn’t always go in ones favor but you still have to put your best foot forward whether it is the hardest road given or an easy path.

“If you never leave the box, you’ll never see the light and you’ll limit yourself.”

Alicia: Share one of the greatest accomplishments so far in your career/business.

DeAndre: Coaching for 5 years, but my first recruiting class actually graduated and they have direction where they want to go when pursuing goals and dreams so seeing them graduate was huge for me because I could directly help them do something that they may not have been able to do.

For my job, my progress in building my territory and going from one of the worst territories on the team to being one of the top territories in the district. In a year’s time my team and I were able to make it one of the top two territories in the district.

Alicia: What do you find most challenging about adulthood?

DeAndre: Being open to new experiences and people outside of your norm. In the business world you have to meet new people, network and put yourself out there. If you never leave the box, you’ll never see the light and you’ll limit yourself. You have to be open to new opportunity, open to criticism, and open to growth. Growth hurts and people don’t like pain so they’d rather be closed-minded and stay where they are popular or fly under the radar; but in the real world it’s more about who you are and why you are qualified and a lot of people can’t answer that question so they are typically afraid to leave that box.

Fun Facts About DeAndre

If you could have attend prom with ANY celebrity, who would it be?

Halle Berry

If you were on a reality show, what would be your tagline?

What’s a tagline?

Top 3 Travel Destinations?


2.New York State

3. South America

Name the best book you’ve ever read.

The Shack

Favorite show to binge watch?

The Chicago Series- Chicago Med/Chicago PD

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