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This year in memory of what would have been my mother’s 57th birthday, I celebrated with making a custom scented candle at The Candle Lab OTR. Located in Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio, it was the perfect setting for fragrant creativity with minimal time constraint.

Check out the step by steps below!

Upon entering The Candle Lab, you are presented with a clipboard and a host of candle scents and oils that you are able to choose your favs from. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and they provide seasonal fragrances that rotate, they even had a “new book scent”, talk about heavenly!

After you select your scents you are able to pick up to 3 of those scents to combine and mix into your own custom candle. Not into candles? No worries, they offer bath salts, scrubs, oil scents and more fresh home fragrance alternatives!

After selecting your custom fragrance concoction you mix just the right amounts of each fragrance, producing the smell to your liking then voila! you’re 90% done. The only steps left are to mix your oils with the hot wax, stir and most importantly name your new heavenly custom scent and return in as little as an hour and a half to pick up your new custom candle.

So I’m sure you’re wondering, just how much does something like this run?!

Well I’m here to tell you it’s very affordable. Since it was my mother’s birthday and I flew to Cincinnati, I opted for a tin can ($14) so that it wasn’t damaged in transit back to Atlanta. The price of your candle is contingent upon the container you choose, and they had a selection of glass jars, different sized tins, and more to choose from!

Add this to your weekend to-do list and tweet me or comment your chosen scents and how it turned out!

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