Cancel Halloween, These were the BEST costumes of Halloween 2k16!

Say what you want, but Halloween Store Costumes are SO out of style.


Black Creatives and creatives alike have been KILLING the game this year, and Halloween was no different.
Check out a round up of my favorite costumes from Halloween 2016.


Teyana Taylor may or may not get the MVP award for the second half of 2016. From the epic performance she gave in the Fade music video, to her killer body every year, she CERTAINLY embodied my fav, Joanne The Scammer. I-CONIC!


Each year, Dorian out creates herself. The level of creativity she has is AMAZING! and she said it took her 2 hours to put this beauty together. YOO HOOOOO! How adorable?!



I’m ALWAYS a fan for couples Halloween costumes. Now your favorite rich ass celebrity may be capable of replicating your favorites with their million dollar make up artists and stylist pickers, but this one here was definitely one for the culture. Dark Skin Viv was always my favorite anyways. So how’d they do?


Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today.. on some Prince Shit. GET INTO THE CREATIVE DETAILS! The Purple REIGNger. My favorite part of this piece was the guitar, and don’t forget to take in the “dirty” sprite. How’d they do?


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