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Brandi Mishonna empowers women to “level up, sis”

Brandi- pretty girl, Smarter Woman.

Photo Courtesy: Brandi Mishonna

Brandi is a blogger, and host who sells self empowerment tees, bags and accessories, in Buford, GA.

Working in corporate America as a Human Resource Manager, she received her MBA in Human Resource Management in 2011.

The Depth

What are three things/people that inspire you?

My Son- I want to create the absolute best life possible for him

Beyoncé’- Do I even need to say more? She makes me believe that women can truly have it all.

Michelle Obama- I want to be like her when I grow up. She inspires me to be a better woman. She is the epitome of grace and class.

Do you have a mantra?

“Level Up Sis”

Share one of the greatest accomplishments so far in your career/business.

I think I would have to say just having the courage to do it. So many people talk about their dreams and goals but never really take the next step. I always say people can’t support the dreams and ideas in your head. This blogging/entrepreneur life isn’t easy. Especially when you’re juggling a full time job and being a single mom. So every day I find the strength and courage to keep going is an accomplishment for me.

What do you like least about being an adult?

Bills and no more Spring breaks. Mainly the bills.

Where do you get motivation to “push-through” daily?

I have a tribe of beautiful and talented women who support me, encourage me, look up to me in ways, and inspire me. I feel like I can’t let them down. If I win they win.

Share some of the best Advice you’ve received and who it was from.

Last year Myleik shared on Facebook that “Life is generous”. Those 3 words may have been my “aha” moment. Every day I remind myself that life will give us more than we expected. That was all I needed to stop playing small and doubting my gifts.

Give one sentence of advice to your past self before you reached your “breakthrough”.

Always choose her first.

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