#AskLo Podcast – It’s a No For Me, Bob!

I’m back and annoyed, bitch. Very.

I finally saw “Get Out” and I’m just not so trusting of you YT’s like I used to be. I used to think my cousin was off her rocker with some of the things she said about ya’ll but damnit I had a cloth over my eyes and got damnit I can hardly trust ya! LOL! The plantation mentioned was the Wormsloe Plantation, and I was gonna put up the post reviewing it from Savannah but got damnit I was lazy and enjoying my summer so I didn’t. Oh well.

Also, stop fuckin’ asking me about Nicki vs Remy. It’s Team Nicki, I don’t care if Nicki said Eeny, Meany, Miney, Moe on a track bitch I’ll still support because Street Cred don’t pay the bills.

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