We live a destination-led life, and I forgot to be present in my own

We live in a destination-led world.

This past week in New York I was overcome with so many emotions that I realized why I felt like life was continuously moving in a fast-forward motion. I kept forgetting to be present in my own world.

I was so excited to see so many places and do so many things that mid-trip I realized I spent a majority of my time hustling to one place and then spending 5 minutes there before shuffling off to the next place. The only thing?

I can’t recall enjoying the place because at times when I should be soaking up the experience, I was thinking forward about business, or where to go next, that I almost forgot to live.

Photo Credit: Dewayne Garland/ @dewaynegarland

So, I took a moment and really reminded myself that I need to slow down with life. You see, we only have this one to live and if we spend all our time racing from one destination to another destination; one career to another career, we’ll barely have time to live because we didn’t pay attention to it the whole time.

I’m tired of thinking back on events or places I’ve visiting and wondering, wait, “what the hell did I do there?”

Photo Credit: Dewayne Garland/ @dewaynegarland

You see if I hadn’t found the joy I was missing, I probably would have spent a lot of my time complaining about how fast I was moving rather than taking a moment to evaluate myself and my feelings in order to quickly correct any uncomfortable feeling I had. I was able to take photos with an amazing photographer in DUMBO, Brooklyn. I gave myself the opportunity to listen to the car horns beep, as cars sped through the one way street, ignoring pedestrians. I could hear the subway as it continuously passed overhead. I could hear the birds chirp as they flew over the water. I could feel the cold breeze across my back.. I was present.

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