I spent this weekend in the sunken place, Port Clinton, OH, attending my best friend’s wedding.

You can read about it here if you missed it.

After getting over the initial shock that there may not be much to do in a town that seems to merely be full of fishermen and camo-wearing Trump supporters who live below the poverty line, I decided to use my good friend google, to find some different activities in the area.

Fortunately for me, I’m adventurous. I like to do fun shit. Actually, I like to do anything that doesn’t involve sitting still.

So after a bit of research, and a night out with a friend of a friend, I discovered the Merry-Go- Round Museum. Located about 25-30 minutes away in Sandusky, Ohio, I decided to give it a shot.

For a $6 admission price & the opportunity to ride the carousel, I must say that this wasn’t a terrible idea. The space was small, as partially expected, however, it was packed with information that I never knew to actually be interested in.

Did you know that many sculptors of Carousel animals leave behind “messages”? Filled in the small space were DECADE-OLD carousel animals, and also a section where they restored them in-house.

Also super cool fact: The two deers were featured by First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House Celebrations!


Following the museum I headed back to Port Clinton where I spent two hours at the JAM PACKED African Wildlife Safari Drive & Walk Thru!

This easily was 2 of the most fun hours I’ve had in a while, as I drove 5MPH feeding deers, alpacas, llamas, ankole [scary AF], Bongos, Scottish Highlanders, Giraffes, Zebra’s and many other animals carrots and grains. There was even a section with Bison, however we weren’t allowed to roll down the windows because they could smell the food and they would plow the car down for it.

For $10, I couldn’t beat the experience! HIGHLY recommend it!

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