I did aerial aerobics for self-love day and here’s what happened

This March, a good friend and I decided to try aerial aerobics.

Thursday night, I sent her a message on Instagram (Oh, come on! Don’t act like you don’t send your friend’s private messages of posts like it’s a photo share of classified ads & information) and said “Hey, this looks fun let’s try it”.

To my surprise, she had been wanting to try it out, and what I thought would be like a week sitting on the idea, two days later we’re hanging like monkeys from a silk hanging from a bar in the sky.

After obviously finding SkyGym Atlanta on Instagram, we logged on and called in to book our intro session. The intro session, is the first thing needed in order to continue on with any further classes in the gym, for $19 and it’s only taught Friday and Saturday’s so plan accordingly!

It truly was a cool experience. Nestled in a plaza on Roswell Road, the one-hour beginners class capped at 12 participants with 6 silks and participants encouraged to “double up” on the silks.

We started by getting our heart rate up, a few stretches and some brain stimulating exercises, before we began practicing techniques.

The sequence of techniques we learned included tying knots, and a few basic, introductory inversions. While the techniques were new the instructor taught us a few things to keep in mind that applies to total self care.

Be Patient

When you are learning new things, you have to be patient with yourself. You have to remember it takes time, effort and consistency to become a master. Being patient with yourself is an art as you continue to explore and try new things within your life. In order to grow you must be a student, and in order to learn you must humbly accept lessons.

Explore the Comfort Outside your “comfort zone”

Push yourself. Really encourage yourself to try new things, but do them at your own pace. The art of being present means that you recognize the strides you are making to grow and step out of your norm.

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