The No. 1 tip to survive the adulting glow up: Fear isn’t real, it’s all in your head

I spent most of 27, in a distorted dream, riding the wave of uncertainty, anxiety, overwhelm and celebration. It was as if this year, I took long strides, while simultaneously taking hit after hit. Maybe it’s the pressure that reminds us to be grateful for the lessons that we go through. Every lesson teaches you something about who you are and where you’re supposed to go. The bigger the boulders, the further you’re going. Here are 27 things that I learned in this year.

1. Fear is merely a construct built within your mind from overthinking.

2. Too much social media, damages your mental health. It’s okay to limit yourself, promise you won’t miss anything worth missing.

3. Censoring yourself doesn’t lessen the lessons people have to learn in life & when they learn it.

4.Trust your inner boss. There is no reason to be ashamed or nervous to speak UP about what you like, don’t like, and what you’re willing to tolerate.

5. Being a boss/bossy isn’t synonymous with you being a bitch. Communicate your opinion and stand firm in it.

6. The greater your dreams, the higher the anxiety and excitement. Everything you are doing, has never been done by anyone in your life. You’re blazing your own trail. It’ll get confusing, overwhelming but you can’t give up, ever.

7. Be Present!  You’ll only have anxiety attacks if you continuously live in a too far forward state of mind. You can’t change the past and your current doings dictate where you can go in the future.

8. YOU are your strongest critic. The world beats you up enough, go easy on yourself.

9. Saying NO to a “seemingly” good opportunity won’t make you miss your blessing.

10. Your “dying” dreams are real. The old you is dying as you are becoming.. stop panicking and embrace the growth.

11. Energy is transferrable. Don’t let ANYONE with questionable energy into your fucking space!


13. It won’t kill you to not always be so strong. Vulnerability is sexy.

14. You don’t like to be touched!!!

15. Sometimes masking your emotions, for wanting to be silent & alone can push you into a darker depression. Open your heart & open your MOUTH to ask for help before you’re too deep.

16. Suicide wasn’t the way out in 2007, 2009 and it still isn’t in 2017.

17. God didn’t bring you and your gifts this far to end because life’s pressure is “too much” to you

18. Just because someone comes to you with a problem, doesn’t mean you have to embody their issue and make it your own.

19. People won’t treat you the way you treat them. Treat them well, anyway.

20. You’re not a social butterfly like you used to be. You like to stay in the house at home, where your energies are reserved and safe, and their is nothing wrong with that.

21. Surround yourself with people who are growing. Having a healthy, constant view of glow ups in your personal circle is good for your hustle and progression.

22. The medicine to everything for you, is a dance party in your living room.

23. Everyone is entitled to an opinion – don’t take them personally.



26. For every 3 “No” responses you give to an event, you have to say “YES”, to the 4th.

27. The only thing you are accountable for is self. Nothing & No one else.

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