6+ ways spiritual fasting allowed me to level up in life and business

Fasting in a spiritual manner can unlock different levels of clarity within your life and business.

I completed my first ever spiritual fast in December, in hopes to calm and quiet my flesh to unleash the strength and focus I wanted to have around my faith and spirituality.

At the end of the fast, I found myself way more curious, and invigorated by the thought of God and I decided to ring in the New Year with Watch Night Service.

I continuously found myself eager for Church on Sunday, and Tuesday (Bible Study) and it was the first week of January when the pastor introduced the option to collectively fast for 21 days.

Let me first say 3 weeks of increasing sacrifice is HARD, and by no means was fasting a simple feat, but for some reason each week became increasingly more easy.

Throughout each week I learned something deeper about myself, my intentions, my shortcomings, but I drew closer to God with the increase in prayer and dependency on the word.

The best part about the 3 weeks? Not displaying any anger.

I’m a firecracker. I pride myself on being able to say and do what I want, when I want regardless of who or what it is.

As the days increased, I found it more and more easy to stop, take a minute, pray before reacting to people and situations.

I knew after the first week, when I found myself so frustrated that I dropped to my knees and prayed before reacting that things would never be the same again.

Get Quiet, and you can hear

Fasting is truly starving your flesh to focus & get quiet enough to hear what God is saying to you. Do you know how difficult it is to hear God’s direction when you are ruled by your flesh? You may find yourself THINKING it’s something God wanted of you, only to find out that it wasn’t the case.

Pray for Better Intentions

You can’t truly live a life of direction if your intentions are not in check. You have to set clear intentions on what you are doing, and where you want to go in order to walk and focus your efforts accordingly.

Strengthen your morals & confidence

We all have shaky morals right? In a world where we focus on being ‘savage’ and getting over on the next person, gaining confidence in who you are and what you are capable of became easy for me quickly.

Redirect your perspective

Quick Action without doubt 

When you trust and have faith in what you’re doing, it should be easy to make swift moves & decisions without over thinking. You cannot give all your worries to God and still continue to play small. You have to truly trust that God will meet your every need.

Grow Patience

While growing spiritually may not be your goal, everyone can learn and grow from fasting & meditating.

How have you been doing with your resolutions?

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