7 unwavering beliefs the rich have that poor people don’t

Do you believe that your mindset and beliefs can set the bar for what you are capable of achieving?

I do.

Thomas C. Corley devoted 5 years to studying the beliefs and habits of 200+ rich people and over 100 poor people and the results he found were more than believable.

[Rich Habits Study- Methodology]

Oftentimes, beliefs represent you acceptance of things that were learned, taught, or inherited to yourself and guides your day to day life and successes.

In the research, Corley uncovered many beliefs that can serve as mantras for the newfound entrepreneur, or anyone looking to change their mindset and get out of their own way in order to achieve greater success.

  1. No one succeeds on their own. I can only succeed if I surround myself with other success-minded people
  2. Failure is the stepping stone to success.
  3. If I help others succeed, I will succeed.
  4. Never quit on a dream.
  5. Success takes time.
  6. I must save more than I earn and invest my savings in my dreams and goals.
  7. Time is the most valuable resource. I must make efficient use of my time. Wasting it is a crime.

When it’s so easy to be distracted with everything occurring online, it’s important to remember to invest in yourself, make better use of your time, and continually remind yourself that you’re human and success rarely comes overnight.


What are some of your mantras that fuels your success?

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