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30 Americans Exhibit reveals new age Renaissance in Black Arts

Call me a novice of Black Art, but stumbling across the ‘30 Americans‘ exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum was a pleasant surprise.

“30 Americans” showcases work from some of the most important African-American artists from the last three decades.

The exhibit is housed at the Cincinnati Art Museum until August 28,2016.

Containing over 50 pieces of art, the exhibit is more than a conversation starter, it highlights race, culture and gender, in contemporary culture.

The exhibit allowed viewers to interact with the exhibit by leaving reactions of their favorite pieces and the feelings and emotions that were evoked from those pieces.


The exhibition also spotlights the many African American cultural impacts across American culture. In a time where African-Americans are excelling and advancing in all areas of media and entertainment, the cultural impact of this exhibit is mirroring of that in the Renaissance era.

It was intriguing to see the art showcased and the stories told of the daily struggles African- Americans face in a “post- racial” society. The narratives outlined the Klu Klux Klan, Civil Rights era, What Huey Newton would look like in 2016, a spotlight on queer and racial identity, and a funny tale of black women and their hair.

The most riveting piece was ‘Duck, Duck, Noose’. Telling of a racial time in past society, the installation not only parallels the current life struggles of Blacks in America, but also aligned with the past of Blacks in America.

Photo Courtesy of Alicia Renee

Photo Courtesy of Alicia Renee

My other favorite piece was “Branded” which was a side profile view of a Nike branded into the head of an African American male. This piece is pivotal in the new aged “ownership” of African Americans and their lives. Many believe that modern day athletes are slaves to the corporate brands that invest in them.


Check out some of my favorite pieces below!


Click Here To Plan your visit to the 30 Americans exhibit, and get in on the social conversation using the hashtag #CAM30!



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